Friday, August 1, 2008

Big decision!

Tom & I have decided to do foster care again. We did it before for about 2 1/2 years. It's been about 1 1/2 years since we stopped. I really felt like I needed a break back then. I am so ready now to get started again though. I feel as though God has given myself - but really Tom and Ashley too - a special gift with children. I want to help them as much as we possibly can. I feel so good about this decision of starting again. We are going to have to go through all the training and home study again so we won't actually have any kids placed with us until atleast the first of the year or so. I'm alittle worried because we got rid of all the furniture and baby stuff that we'd accumulated. I'll need to get atleast a crib, bunk beds, dressers, car seat, high chair, baby bottles and other stuff before we can actually get licensed again. I'm trying to let go of the worry and fear though. I really feel like this is God's will and because of that he will provide all the things we need. Please pray for that as well! Thanks so much!!! :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Slowly getting back

I ended up quilting for about 1 1/2 hours yesterday. I sorta had to "make" myself get started but I'm glad I did. I worked on my 1930's quilt that some of you so generously sent me fabric for. It was fun to play with the fabric again and look at all the pretty prints. I'm sure glad to be back!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I need some inspiration!

Gosh! I can't even believe I haven't blogged for two months! That is crazy! I'm here now though. Things are going good. Tom is laid off now from his job - the factory closed and went to Mexico. It's been good though because he is going to college for Computer Networking & it is completely paid for. What a blessing! Ashley is almost finished with her schoolwork for the year. She's been working really hard recently. I can't believe that in the fall she'll be in 10th grade. She'll be headed to college before we know it!!!

So, I really, really need some inspiration. I haven't really been quilting any for the last few months. I just don't feel motivated to do it. I have been surfing around on some different quilting blogs the past few days. Hopefully that will get me going some. If anyone has any other advice to get me out of this slump that would awesome! I really am missing my fabric - I just can't get motivated to get in there and do something.

Lisa in Ohio

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Yea!!!! I am so glad that David Cook won last night. I was really hoping he would but I wasn't sure. It was such a great finale!! I loved when he sang with ZZ Top - that was so good. I'm just so glad that he won & I really can't wait for his CD to come out. Go David!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm finally posting again!

WOW! I haven't posted in such a long time. It seems like I just get busy around here and the time is gone before I know it. My daughter, Ashley, turned 15 in April & we got her plane tickets to go see my parents in Florida. She was there for about a week & a half. She had such a great time and is totally ready to go back again!! :)

My flowers in the yard are all coming along nicely. I've been taking pictures about every 10 days to see how fast things are growing. I sure can't wait until about the middle of June when things really start blooming. My hostas are looking so pretty though. Here's some pictures.

On the quilting front, I have been very lazy. It seems like once the spring & summer get here then I don't think about quilting much. I'm so focused on the yard and all that I sorta forget about my poor sewing machine. Hopefully soon I'll get back to it though! I've got so many projects going right now that I'd love to finish something. I really miss working with my 30's fabrics that some of you have so generously sent me. I just love the prints from that time period!!
I'm still reading the Mitford series books by Jan Karon. I just started "A New Song" which is the 5th book in the series. I just love these books so much! I sure would love to live in a little town like Mitford. Although Father Tim & Cynthia are heading to a new town in this book. It should be fun to meet all the new characters.
Is anyone watching American Idol? We are!! I am completely rooting for David Cook to win. I think it is about time that a "rocker" won the show!! Of course, the other David is good too so either way it'll be alright. Plus they both will probably have CDs out no matter who wins.
Hopefully I'll be writing again soon! Bye for now!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Flower pictures

Spring is coming quickly! It's been beautiful the last few days here. We got out into the yard & cleaned up all the debris from the winter. We also weeded everywhere and put down some PREEN. Hopefully that will keep some of the weeds away for me. My flower beds are all looking so pretty! Not much blooming yet but alot of things poking their leaves out. I do have some daffodils coming out though. So pretty! Here is a picture.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Last day at work!!!!!

Praise the Lord!!! Today is my last day of work. I am officially a fulltime wife and mom again! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I'm so glad that Tom & I have made this decision. It is going to be so great to just focus all my energy on my family again. I've really missed that alot!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Please hurry up spring!!!

I am so ready for spring I can hardly stand it!!! I'm ready for warmer temperatures & evenings on the deck. I'm ready for my flowers to all start growing!! I've changed the header picture for my blog to a spring picture of our house. I'm hoping that will hurry things along!

Last year when we moved into this house I was so excited to make the yard my own. We did a ton of work all summer long. That is amazing for me because usually I'm not a "worker" kind of girl! This summer we have decided that for the most part we aren't going to make a ton of changes. We did alot last year and we just want to enjoy it this year. Just do the maintenance things we have to do like weeding and watering. Other then that though we just want to sit back and enjoy everything. I can't wait for stuff to start getting green and pretty!

I am also getting excited this year about watching birds. We have alot of them that visit our yard & I'm hoping to attract even more. We have one birdfeeder right now but I want to get more. Also, I want to figure out the right kind of food to attract the birds I really like. I've seen some cardinals and bluejays and they are so pretty. I want more of them! I also say a yellow and black bird last year but I'm not sure if it was an oriole or a golden finche. I don't know how to tell the difference. I suppose I'm showing my ignorance in all things related to birds. I'm looking forward to learning though!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

More birthday brags!

I had the most fantastic weekend! Ashley went to a friend's house so that Tom & I could be alone. We were actually celebrating our anniversary because it falls on Easter this year. It sure was nice to be alone with him all weekend though! I got a birthday card from my mom and dad on Friday and there was a check for $50.00 in it!! We decided to go to Amish Country on Saturday so of course I took my money with me. We had the best time - I just love going there and looking in all the shops. That area is just so pretty too. I ended up spending all my money too. I got eight different solid colors of fabric that I want to make into an Amish style wall hanging sometime. I also got lots of thread & a pair of really nice Gingher dressmaker scissors. They are the nicest scissors I've ever had! Oh & I also got a perpetual calander with Amish pictures and a wooden holder for it. Here is a picture of everything.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Birthday brags!! :)

My birthday is this coming Sunday - March 16 - and I'll be 36 years old. Also our wedding anniversary is the following Sunday - March 23 - and we'll be married 17 years. March is always a great month for me!! Usually Ashley stays with my parents for a few nights for us to celebrate our anniversary but this year she can't because of them moving to Florida. She thought it would be good to just fly her down for the weekend but that is alittle too expensive!! She'll be going to a friend's house for the weekend instead. We're doing it this week because our actual anniversary falls on Easter this year.

Because of Ashley going to her friend's house they decided to surprise me and celebrate my birthday last night. I was so surprised I can't even put it into words!!! She and Tom were really sneaky and had alot of secrets between them. He had ordered me a cake from R & M Bakery which is my very, very favorite. He picked that up yesterday on his way home from work & also got vanilla ice cream, mint chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate sauce & peanuts. Plus they had gone shopping earlier in the week when I thought they had gone to the gym to play basketball. He bought me a BEAUTIFUL wooden Amish made quilt rack. I've been wanting one forever to put my quilts on. Hopefully I'll get busy now and get more made to fill it up. Here is a couple pictures of it.

Ashley also got me a present. She's been babysitting alot and has her own money now. She is so generous and actually got me a $50.00 gift certificate to Jo Ann's Fabric!!!! Isn't that the greatest! Of course I wanted to go shopping right away - I can never hold onto those gift certificates for very long. Tom and I went that evening but Ashley decided to stay home. She thinks I take way too long in that store! I really can't believe I'm typing this but I didn't buy a single piece of fabric! Usually I just buy random 1/2 yard cuts to try to build up my stash. It isn't very big & I'm always wanting more fabric. But this time I decided to be smart about it and get something I really wanted. So I decided on a new iron since I've had mine since I got married 17 years ago and it isn't that great of one. The Rowentas were on sale for $20.00 off so I decided on one of those. I ended up with the Rowenta Professional. It is so nice!!!!! I also got a book "Bargello Quilts" by Marge Edie and some safety & straight pins. All you quilters out there know that I ended up spending more then the gift certificate was for but my generous husband was more than happy to give me the rest of it!! :) Here is a picture of all the stuff I got from Ashley.
Yesterday was such a wonderful surprise!! I really think I have the greatest husband and daughter in the world!!! :) They love me so much and I'm so blessed.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pictures - finally!

Here is a picture of my string quilt I just finished. They are so much fun!!!

Here is a close up picture so you can get a better idea of what it looks like. I hope everyone likes it!! :)

This is our backyad & garage after the blizzard! I'm sure glad I have a strong husband to shovel for me!!!!

Here is another view of the back of the house. Look at the snow piled on the bench & grill & all! WOW! So pretty!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

The blizzard of 2008!!!!!

Gosh, I've been terrible about posting! Life has just gotten in the way but I promise I'll be better! So guess what........we had a blizzard over the weekend!!!!!! On Saturday morning my husband measured and we had 11 inches of snow. Plus it continued to snow most of the day. I'd say we probably ended up with about 15 inches total. It is so pretty!!! I've tried to upload pictures of our yard but I keep getting an error.

Also, I finally finished my first string quilt. It is so pretty! I just love it & want to make tons more!!!!! They are so easy too - like mindless sewing. I still can't get my pictures to upload. I'll try later on!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

More 1930's!!!!

I've had a few really great mail days!!! I've gotten four different packages of 1930's fabrics. I still can't believe how generous quilters are! Thanks so much to everyone!!! I sure am getting excited about making my 1930's quilt. It's going to be so pretty and girly!! Perfect for a day of reading my Mitford books. Which by the way, I am loving!!!!

These fabrics were from Grace - thank you so much!!

These are from Margaret - thanks again!!

These are from Sheila - thank you!!

And these are from Wendy - I still can't believe you sent me all the FQs!! Thanks so much!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Hi again!

I'm finally posting again. It's been alittle while & I'm sorry about that. Things are busy around here as always! Ashley's basketball team won their game on Saturday. They are still undefeated!!! YEA!! :) Ashley is such a great player and Tom is such a great coach. And of course I'm such a great "cheerleader"!

I started a new book today. It's the first book in the "Mitford Years" series by Jan Karon. I started "At Home in Mitford" today & am now on chapter four. My mom has been recommending these books for a long time & I'm finally getting started on them. So far I'm liking them alot. I think Mitford sounds like a great place to live! I wonder if there are any little towns like that left in America. Everything seems so overpopulated with people & stores anymore. I yearn for the simple life.

I've been working on string blocks as well as other stuff. I really like doing the string blocks because they are so mindless. I can just sew and sew. The design when they are all put together is so neat too! Here is a picture of some I"m working on. And here is a picture of some finished blocks.

OH.....and guess what one of my wonderful internet friends sent me....... a whole envelope full of 1930's fabrics. I am so excited to get started on this quilt!! I've got a few other friends that are sending me some 30's scraps as well. It's going to be such a neat quilt when I get it finished. Thanks so much Ellen!

Friday, January 25, 2008

"Idoleyes" got me thinking

Although I am pretty much obsessed with quilting there is another thing that verges on obsession.......reading! I really do love to read. Over the past few months I've sorta gotten away from it but I've come up with a plan. Every night my husband goes to bed around 10:30 or 11:00 because he has to get up so early for work. I am a major nightowl so I don't like to go to bed until atleast midnight or sometimes even 1:00. Usually I would just come back downstairs and get stuck on this computer or the television. But starting last Tuesday I've decided to stay in our bed & read after he goes to sleep. I love it! I am getting atleast an hour and usually more like two hours in every night. It feels good to be reading again!

The book I started on Tuesday & actually finished last night was "Idoleyes" by Mandisa. She was a contestant on Season 5 of American Idol. I don't know how many of you out there are watching American Idol but I absolutely love it! Actually I pretty much love all the reality shows on right now!!! Season 5 was probably my very favorite year of American Idol because I really, really liked Chris Daughtry. I thought for sure he would've won & I still believe that he should have. He's awesome!!!!! Anyhow, Mandisa was on that season too & we all liked her alot as well. I was really looking forward to reading her book.

I am so glad that I read this book and would recommend it to anyone! She is so down to earth and such a "real" person. It was fun to read about the behind the scenes things with American Idol. The biggest thing I loved about this book though was reading about her Christianity and the way she tried to live her life. She is very close to God and very strong in her beliefs. I would imagine it could've been difficult to follow the path of American Idol and remain grounded in her religious beliefs but she did it with flying colors.

This book really got me thinking about my own relationship with God. I want to work on it. I want to feel the strength that Mandisa writes about. She relies on Him for everything and I want to be that way as well. No, she isn't perfect & she writes about doubting God after she got voted off of American Idol. But she also overcame that and her faith was stronger in the end. I have already learned from her that I need to trust God and really follow where I feel he is leading me. It's a wonderful gift when such a small book can make me open my eyes and change my life!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Past wallhangings

I thought it would be fun to post some pictures of the past wallhangings I've made. I just got interested in even doing wallhangings about a year ago. I really like to make actual quilts that we can cover up with - it seems more worthwhile. But once I tried the wallhangings they go so quickly that it is fun! The order they are posted is the order that I made them in. The first one is a Christmas Sampler type quilt. I went to the Quilters Cache site and picked out four blocks I liked and made them into a wall hanging. The next one is for Valentine's Day. I think I can't remember where I got the pattern for the heart blocks but they were pretty easy to do. Next is my Spring wallhanging. I made that one right before we moved into our new house. I've always wanted a house with a picket fence all the way around the yard. This house has that and I just had to have a wallhanging with a picket fence as well. I appliqued all the flowers onto the background. That was a major learning experience as I had never done applique before. The last one is just a general one to hang whenever there isn't a holiday. I did this one with the Disappearing 9 Patch pattern. I love that pattern!!! It's so quick and easy but yet looks like it is difficult!! It was fun to look back at all the wallhangings I've made. It's amazing to me to see how much better I've gotten just in the last year. That is very encouraging!!!
Oh, in case anyone is wondering -- Ashley's basketball game won again today!! They are undefeated right now with a record of 3 - 0!!! YEA!!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Gosh, I haven't posted in quite some time! Shame on me!!! I've been busy with work & homeschooling. I have been reading lots of e-mail groups though - especially all the quilting one! I love them! It is so great to hear about what other people are doing & I end up with so many projects I want to do. Right now something I am very interested in making is a throw sized quilt out of 1930's reproduction fabrics. I think that style of fabric is so pretty! Just so girly and pretty! :) I was wondering if any of you have any good sources for 1930s fabrics at a very reasonable price. Unfortunately money is tight so I know I can't pay too much. I'd like to atleast start working on collecting some of this type of fabric to eventually put into a quilt. Also, once I do gather all the fabric what type of pattern would be good to do? I'd like something that will show off the beautiful fabrics but also something that could've been made in that time period. Oh...and something fairly easy because I'm still not too confident in my quilting. I think I'm going to post this on my e-mail groups as well. I'm sure between here and there I'll get lots of great ideas and suggestions! Bye for now!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Okay, I need to rant for alittle bit. Today was a birthday party for my neice at one of my husband's sister's houses. All of his family don't really go to church or have the same type values that we do. They drink & curse & basically just don't live the way we do. It is so frustrating to me because they all like to make fun of us - really just me & Ashley - that we are so good and don't ever do anything "bad". Instead of seeing it as a good thing they see it as a joke. Something to laugh at and make fun of us over. When Tom was growing up he did alot of the same things they all do but then after we started dating - he was 19 when we got together - he stopped all that stuff. Since then he has grown into a wonderful Christian man. We are trying to raise our daughter with those values & she is so strong in her Christianity as well. I hate that whenever we are at family gatherings with his side of the family it always turns into teasing and making fun of us for being Christians, not drinking or cursing, homeschooling, respecting each other & having a very strong marriage. They also tease Ashley about never leaving home because she is homeschooled and why isn't she more interested in boys or rap music or whatever. It just stinks that they can't support us at all. Or at the very least that they can't keep their opinions to themselves. I am so happy with how our family is. I feel as though my husband treats me better than any other husband that I know. I also feel as though Ashley is the best 14 year old I know - none of the usual teenager drama to deal with. I wish they didn't tease us but I also wish that I didn't let it get to me. I wish that I could just ignore it & not get all worked up. I know we are striving to live the way God wants us to live - that is all that should matter!!

On a happier note Ashley had another basketball game today & they won!!!! It was close but they pulled it out!!! Now they are 2 - 0!!!!! :)

Dad & daughter time

Tom and Ashley had some dad and daughter time tonight. I am so happy that he is willing to spend special time with her! She is very lucky to have such a great dad & he is very lucky to have such a great daughter. They went to the gym to mess around with basketball some & then they went shopping. She had some Christmas money as well as babysitting money. It was burning a hole in her pocket so she wanted to SHOP! I had to work so the two of them went without me. I think it is so great for them to spend time together alone. She is almost 15 and really needs to build a strong relationship with her dad. She's growing up so quickly and will be gone to college before we know it. I love that they are making the effort to spend time together now. She wanted to get a purse while they were shopping. He was playing around and teasing with her. They have so much fun together. And then - I can't really believe he did this but he says it was safe enough - he let her drive the car alittle bit in an empty parking lot!!!! She was scared to death at first and she tells me she didn't go over 10 mph. It sounds like they really had a good time tonight. I am just so thankfully that I have both of them in my life. I can't imagine my life without them!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Stash storage

My first poll has ended and the results are in. The majority of voters sort their fabric stash by color. I have to admit I'm not really surprised by that. I suppose that makes the most sense.

I don't really feel like I have that big of a stash yet. It surely doesn't even begin to compare to some I've seen pictured on the internet. My stash is growing slowly thanks to some amazingly generous friends I've made through e-mail groups. It is wonderful the way these women have sent me boxes and packages of their "cast-off" fabric. I can't even put into words how much I appreciate that. And the funny thing is that they always tell me that I am doing them a favor by helping them to bust some of their stash! It is so fun to get the packages in the mail & to know that these same fabrics have probably been used in different quilts all throughout the world. So neat!!

Right now I have two ways of sorting my fabric. First, any pieces that are a fat quarter or bigger I fold and put on a bookshelf in my sewing room/computer room/WAHM area. I use the technique that I learned about wrapping the fabric around my ruler and folding it in half. The edges line up so neatly and I can see just what I have by scanning the bookshelf. All of the folded fabrics are going to be sorted by color. They were before we bought this house but in the move they got put on the shelf in random order. I hate to admit it but we have lived here for about 9 1/2 months and I still haven't gotten around to sorting them by color! That is the plan though!!!!

The second way I sort my fabric is by size. Some of the fabric that people have so generously given me have been scraps and strings. I especially love getting these packages!!!! It is so much fun to play with all the scraps! Whenever I receive anything in the mail I work on getting it divided up into the correct tub. I have one tub each for 3.5 inch strips, 2.5 inch strips, strings & crumbs. Then I also have a container that I'm storing my 2.5 inch squares in as I accumulate them. If I can cut any of the scraps into squares or strips then I do that first. After that they get cut into random sized strings for the string blocks. Finally anything else gets put into the crumb tub. My goal is to keep up the cutting and sorting with each set of scraps that I come across.

As far as using my stash I try to use the fabric in the tubs first and go to the shelf after that. Of course sometimes there are pieces on the shelf that I just have to use. And then of course I have to admit that sometimes I can talk Tom into letting me buy some new fabric! I love, love, love the Quiltville site because there are so many easy patterns on there to use my strips with. I'm also hoping to use them up with my new Eleanor Burns book I got for Christmas. The strings I always use for my string blocks that I'm making for the Heartstring quilts (I promise to post some pictures of them soon for all of you that don't know what they are!). Then the crumbs they will come in handy for so many different things. Of course, I can use them in corners for the string blocks. I also want to give some of the techniques I've heard about a try. Like the crumb blocks that Bonnie talks about on her site & also the mile a minute blocks. I'm not real sure on how to do them but hopefully I can learn!

The hardest thing for me in sorting my stash and even quilting is learning about value. It is very, very hard for me to figure out about "lights", "mediums" and "darks". I think I have it figured out and then when I add another scrap to the pile it seems to change everything. I get so confused and then I get frustrated! Since I really love scrap quilts so much I know that I need to learn about color value. From what I have heard on shows like "Simply Quilts" it is what really makes the pattern stand out on a quilt. I just don't know how to get the different values down pat though.

I could go on and on talking about sorting and storing fabric. Tom & Ashley both think I'm crazy but I can't help it! I'm addicted!! :) Bye for now!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas Cardinal

This was a wonderful surprise just a few days after Christmas! There was a beautiful Cardinal right outside my front window. He doesn't show up too good because of the bush he is in. Hopefully you can make him out though. Beautiful!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Some more finishes

I finally uploaded a couple pictures of the baby quilt I made for my very good friend Jessica. She had a beautiful baby girl in November & I got the quilt finished in time! :) This was the hardest quilt I've ever made. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out.

Here is also a picture of the Step One blocks from the Quiltville Mystery. My colors are going to be red, blue & tan like Bonnie. I decided to go with 2.5 inch strips instead of 1.5 because I thought they might be alittle easier to handle. I hope it still turns out alright! Now I need to get working on Step Two!!

I've really enjoyed all the comments from everyone regarding my blog. It's so fun! :) bye!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Two very different New Year's resolutions

I've been thinking alot about New Year's and my resolutions. I've come up with two very different ones. Hopefully I can work on putting them both into action! The first one will be pretty easy but it is the second one I'm worried about.

First, I'm going to work on making Ashley do more things that she doesn't want to do. I know that probably sounds mean but let me explain myself. She is 14 1/2 years old and basically doesn't want to do anything ever. She'd be happy to stay in her room playing on the computer & watching tv all the time. I want to work on pushing her just alittle. I'm very blessed to get to homeschool her but sometimes I think that just adds to the problem. She has very little structure in her life. She's also very shy, like her dad, and finds it tough to reach out & be social. So for part of my New Year's resolution I'm going to work on pushing her to be alittle more outgoing and social. Basically I'm just going to try to convince her to do a few different things that she doesn't think she wants to do just because it is easier to stay home & be with us. She probably isn't going to like it very well but really what does a 14 1/2 year old like most of the time!! :)

Second, I'm going to work on NOT making Tom do things that he doesn't want to do. I have a problem of being controlling in our marriage and always wanting things to be my way. I try to convince or beg Tom do always go along with things the way I want them. I'm going to make a HUGE effort to stop that this year. I am going to work on not trying to manipulate him into doing anything that he doesn't want to do. He is a great husband and I need to just appreciate him the way he is. He should never, ever have to do things he doesn't want to do just because I'm trying to make him. Now, this is going to be very hard for me. I really hate to admit that but it is true! I suppose secretly I'm hoping that it turns out that the things I think I'm "making" him do are actually things he wants to do on his own. But if not then I need to be alright with that too!!

So, I pray that God will help me to keep these two resolutions. I really feel as though the will help make both my husband's and my daughter's lives better in the long run. I hope I can do it!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Quilting plans for 2008!

Okay, I need alittle bit of accountablity for the coming year! I really want to get serious about my quilting!!! I thought if I put some of my goals for this year onto my blog then it will motivate me to actually get to work! :)

One, I started collecting 2.5 inch squares last year for a huge Y2K type quilt. I wasn't really active with my quilting in 1999 & 2000 so I missed out on all the fun. I want to make a Y2K quilt now though! I am working on gathering atleast 2000 different 2.5 inch squares for my quilt. So many of my wonderful internet friends have been very generous in sending me squares. Please keep them coming!!! I need to really get serious on organizing this project though. I have everything in a big plastic tub but haven't gotten much further than that. I am thinking I should sort them by color so I can be sure I don't have any duplicates. That is an overwhelming job though. I want to just start sewing them together. That would be more fun! Either way I really want to devote some time to this project. By the end of the year I would love to have this quilt completely finished!

Two, I have gotten very interested in the Heartstrings Quilting Project. It is such a great charity!! I love making the string blocks - they are so easy and thoughtless!!! Just sit down and sew. Perfect for stressful periods in my life! I've made a few of these blocks and plan on making alot more. Again, there have been very generous people who have sent me packages full of strings. That is so great! I hope to really get working on these blocks and get some quilts put together. I am hoping to donate them to the local children services office for children that are currently in foster care. Tom & I used to be foster parents but it just got too difficult on me to seperate from them when the went home. I'd still like to help those kids though & I thought that Heartstring quilts is the perfect way.

Three, I really want to get working on my Quiltville Mystery quilt. Of course, it isn't going to be much of a myserty to me because I'm still reading along with the e-mail group. Atleast I'll know that my fabric is going to work & have an idea of how it will go together! Anyhow, I've got alot of the strips cut & have actually even sewn a few of step one together. Of course, I think step five is supposed to be posted this week so I'm super far behind. That is alright though because I'll catch up eventually!

Four & five, I really, really want to make nice quilts for both our bed as well as Ashley's. It will be fun to pick out the fabric & pattern for ours. And I really think Ashley would have a ball picking her stuff out. Plus it would be nice years from now to have two really nice & special quilts that I made for each of our beds.

So there you go. I suppose that is not many plans in comparison to some of you. But for me it seems like a ton of stuff to do!!! I'm just going to take one day at a time! :)

Past quilts

I thought it would be good to post some pictures of past quilts I've made. Now please don't judge me too harshly! I just started a few years ago and I'm not very good still. I love doing it though. I don't get too worked up about if the points are matching or whatever. I just love the process of quilting. And it is so awesome for people to look at something I've made & admire it!! That is the best!!!!! :)

The green and maroon one is one of the first quilts I made. It was a simple Irish Chain but so much fun to do. It's on our bed now & has been for quite a few years. I'm hoping to make a new one for both our bed as well as Ashley's this coming year.

The blue quilt is another one of the first ones I made. I don't know the name of the pattern. It was one that I found in a Woman's Day magazine and wanted to make. I think I must have put it together wrong though. The design was supposed to be a diamond shape instead of a "V" shape. Oh well, we'll call it creativity!!!

The scrap quilt is a really fun one that I did. I am lucky enough to homeschool my daughter & we call this one the "Homeschooling Quilt". One of the e-mail groups I belonged to decided to swap squares with each other. We were all homeschoolers and thought it would be fun to make quilts that included fabric from everyone. This is probably one of my favorite quilts that I'll ever make!

The denim & red quilt was a special one I made for my husband. It is the first rag type quilt I made. I knew I wanted to do a denim rag quilt but wanted to add a heart to it as well. I decided to use the red flannel & peice a heart into the center of it. I love the results!! The bag looks so neat also because the heart shows up there as well. This quilt is super heavy & warm. It's a great quilt for outside with picnics and things.

The scarlet & grey quilt is also a rag quilt. I made this one for my brother Nathan for Christmas. He loves Ohio State so I thought he'd like a quilt like this. It was fun trying to figure out how to make the big "O" in the middle out of the black flannel. I love the way it turned out!

The plaid quilt is also a rag quilt. I think I got alittle obsessed with them for awhile! They are so quick to put together. Of course I really do hate clipping all the edges. That part isn't fun at all!! Anyhow, the plaid one was just for us here to cuddle under while watching tv or whatever. It's nice & warm - perfect for reading or watching tv. I also used some of the leftover fabric to make a few throw pillows. You can never have enough of those!!

So, those are the quilts I've made so far. I'll post pictures of my wallhanging another time. Thanks for browsing & I love the comments!!