Thursday, March 27, 2008

Please hurry up spring!!!

I am so ready for spring I can hardly stand it!!! I'm ready for warmer temperatures & evenings on the deck. I'm ready for my flowers to all start growing!! I've changed the header picture for my blog to a spring picture of our house. I'm hoping that will hurry things along!

Last year when we moved into this house I was so excited to make the yard my own. We did a ton of work all summer long. That is amazing for me because usually I'm not a "worker" kind of girl! This summer we have decided that for the most part we aren't going to make a ton of changes. We did alot last year and we just want to enjoy it this year. Just do the maintenance things we have to do like weeding and watering. Other then that though we just want to sit back and enjoy everything. I can't wait for stuff to start getting green and pretty!

I am also getting excited this year about watching birds. We have alot of them that visit our yard & I'm hoping to attract even more. We have one birdfeeder right now but I want to get more. Also, I want to figure out the right kind of food to attract the birds I really like. I've seen some cardinals and bluejays and they are so pretty. I want more of them! I also say a yellow and black bird last year but I'm not sure if it was an oriole or a golden finche. I don't know how to tell the difference. I suppose I'm showing my ignorance in all things related to birds. I'm looking forward to learning though!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

More birthday brags!

I had the most fantastic weekend! Ashley went to a friend's house so that Tom & I could be alone. We were actually celebrating our anniversary because it falls on Easter this year. It sure was nice to be alone with him all weekend though! I got a birthday card from my mom and dad on Friday and there was a check for $50.00 in it!! We decided to go to Amish Country on Saturday so of course I took my money with me. We had the best time - I just love going there and looking in all the shops. That area is just so pretty too. I ended up spending all my money too. I got eight different solid colors of fabric that I want to make into an Amish style wall hanging sometime. I also got lots of thread & a pair of really nice Gingher dressmaker scissors. They are the nicest scissors I've ever had! Oh & I also got a perpetual calander with Amish pictures and a wooden holder for it. Here is a picture of everything.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Birthday brags!! :)

My birthday is this coming Sunday - March 16 - and I'll be 36 years old. Also our wedding anniversary is the following Sunday - March 23 - and we'll be married 17 years. March is always a great month for me!! Usually Ashley stays with my parents for a few nights for us to celebrate our anniversary but this year she can't because of them moving to Florida. She thought it would be good to just fly her down for the weekend but that is alittle too expensive!! She'll be going to a friend's house for the weekend instead. We're doing it this week because our actual anniversary falls on Easter this year.

Because of Ashley going to her friend's house they decided to surprise me and celebrate my birthday last night. I was so surprised I can't even put it into words!!! She and Tom were really sneaky and had alot of secrets between them. He had ordered me a cake from R & M Bakery which is my very, very favorite. He picked that up yesterday on his way home from work & also got vanilla ice cream, mint chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate sauce & peanuts. Plus they had gone shopping earlier in the week when I thought they had gone to the gym to play basketball. He bought me a BEAUTIFUL wooden Amish made quilt rack. I've been wanting one forever to put my quilts on. Hopefully I'll get busy now and get more made to fill it up. Here is a couple pictures of it.

Ashley also got me a present. She's been babysitting alot and has her own money now. She is so generous and actually got me a $50.00 gift certificate to Jo Ann's Fabric!!!! Isn't that the greatest! Of course I wanted to go shopping right away - I can never hold onto those gift certificates for very long. Tom and I went that evening but Ashley decided to stay home. She thinks I take way too long in that store! I really can't believe I'm typing this but I didn't buy a single piece of fabric! Usually I just buy random 1/2 yard cuts to try to build up my stash. It isn't very big & I'm always wanting more fabric. But this time I decided to be smart about it and get something I really wanted. So I decided on a new iron since I've had mine since I got married 17 years ago and it isn't that great of one. The Rowentas were on sale for $20.00 off so I decided on one of those. I ended up with the Rowenta Professional. It is so nice!!!!! I also got a book "Bargello Quilts" by Marge Edie and some safety & straight pins. All you quilters out there know that I ended up spending more then the gift certificate was for but my generous husband was more than happy to give me the rest of it!! :) Here is a picture of all the stuff I got from Ashley.
Yesterday was such a wonderful surprise!! I really think I have the greatest husband and daughter in the world!!! :) They love me so much and I'm so blessed.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pictures - finally!

Here is a picture of my string quilt I just finished. They are so much fun!!!

Here is a close up picture so you can get a better idea of what it looks like. I hope everyone likes it!! :)

This is our backyad & garage after the blizzard! I'm sure glad I have a strong husband to shovel for me!!!!

Here is another view of the back of the house. Look at the snow piled on the bench & grill & all! WOW! So pretty!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

The blizzard of 2008!!!!!

Gosh, I've been terrible about posting! Life has just gotten in the way but I promise I'll be better! So guess what........we had a blizzard over the weekend!!!!!! On Saturday morning my husband measured and we had 11 inches of snow. Plus it continued to snow most of the day. I'd say we probably ended up with about 15 inches total. It is so pretty!!! I've tried to upload pictures of our yard but I keep getting an error.

Also, I finally finished my first string quilt. It is so pretty! I just love it & want to make tons more!!!!! They are so easy too - like mindless sewing. I still can't get my pictures to upload. I'll try later on!!!