Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Flower pictures

Spring is coming quickly! It's been beautiful the last few days here. We got out into the yard & cleaned up all the debris from the winter. We also weeded everywhere and put down some PREEN. Hopefully that will keep some of the weeds away for me. My flower beds are all looking so pretty! Not much blooming yet but alot of things poking their leaves out. I do have some daffodils coming out though. So pretty! Here is a picture.


Phyl said...

I LOVE daffodils...gonna go see if mine have popped up yet!


Dawn said...

Ooooo flowers!!!! Just what Germany needs over here! :-)

We had snow last week and now it's rain, rain, rain, dreariness...

But it's moving up in temperatures so the flowers will be popping up soon.
I am so looking forward to seeing green grass!

When we were in Texas last week visiting it amazed us to see flowers and bright green grass and just spring time! :-)

Enjoy your weekend!!!


Phyl said...

Come and get your Linky-Love:

Margo said...

Daffodils...what a picture of Spring...some Spring flowers are up but have not blossomed...It is a great week here so expect things to 'pop'

Phyl said...

Consider yourself MUGGED~ Go here to learn more:

:)De said...

Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!